From discovery to seed, to exponential growth.

We are working together on creating great product distribution globally focusing on Latam expansion, better targeted products with top of class quality that are unique to the market. Partnering simply amplifies exponentially a world of investing solutions in every aspect of today´s allocation universe.

A relationship that goes beyond business. Okaratech and Portofino have a history of friendship and building opportunities together. We are excited about their growth and corporate development as they progress every year into agtech innovation and technology related to crop harvesting efficiencies.

Expanding our horizons with an amazing brand and team, beyond agro focus and into a world of enterprise building opportunities. We have developed a partnership in fund development and capital raise aiming to grow multiple bioscience verticals into a sustainable future.

Expanding our services together. Criteria and Portofino have a history of mutual collaboration and partnership. We are strengthening our services by building multidisciplinary teams as a group in an exceptional joint venture aiming at regional and global business.

Venturing together on product development, creating investable assets with best-of-class institutional providers aiming at a better portfolio creation for our clients and relationships. Every product is carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards.

Mentoring future entrepreneurs together, helping the next business generation grow and access the right resources and knowledge to effectively create the corporations of tomorrow. We strongly believe in passing on our expertise, guiding students into personal advancement and proper resource utilization.

Providing bespoke financial solutions to institutional clients, aiming at liquidity objectives, asset management resources, and real asset securitization structures. Our funds tailor strategies around our investors´ needs looking for custom services to large investors and listed companies on a global scale.

Portofino Financial, a partner entity, executes market access and houses our regulated activity with global banks and custodians. Serving our segregated clients and partners, including wealth management, asset management, private and public securities issuance, and third party services globally.

Years of history working together, Regional Investment Consulting and Portofino have managed numerous projects involving real asset development and capital introduction in energy sectors. Maintaining synergies that work across international boundaries and help develop international quality projects over time.

We haver partnered with Abriley-Maxus delivering a best-in-class electric vehicle platform for agricultural business, cargo, and small business transportation in conjunction with ag-producers, exporters and commodity producers. This is a great step towards modernizing the regional workforce and introducing innovating ideas in traditional workspaces.