Portofino Capital Sponsors Las Monjitas Team at Master Fem 2023 Women's Polo Championship

April 8, 2023

Portofino Capital, the financial consultancy firm, has announced the sponsorship of Bianca Pagano, 19 years old, 4 handicap; Alexia Laprida, 26 yrs, 5 handicap; Martina Gadea, 25, handicap 3, and Sofia Rivas, 20 handicap 5, playing the Third Edition Women's Polo Championship Master Fem 2023 to take place in Argentina.

The Master Fem is a premier polo tournament that showcases the best female polo players from around the world. The league features a series of matches with teams between 0-40 handicap that culminate in a grand finale, where the top teams compete for the championship title. The tournament has gained significant popularity over the years, and it has become a platform for women to showcase their talent and passion for the sport.

This event is a significant milestone for polo players who wish to become professional league. Portofino's decision to sponsor this team for the championship is a testament to the company's commitment to empowering women in all areas of life.  As more teams participate in the Master fem 2023, it creates more visibility for female players´ involvement around the world.  As a brand that celebrates excellence and competitive spirit, Portofino recognizes the hardwork and dedication of athletes as it aims to support their efforts in achieving their goals.

The Women's Polo Master Fem is a perfect fit for the company, which has been involved in sports and polo in previous seasons, as the tournament shares values of excellence, tradition, and passion. Polo is a extreme sport that demands skill, precision, and determination, and it embodies the spirit that Portofino aims to represent.

Sofia Rivas, 20 años, handicap 5 comments, "Polo is what I enjoy doing the most, my passion and something that I share and unites us with my family on a day-to-day basis. Playing this tournament is a challenge, it is very competitive and we face many of the best players in the world.¨

"Bianca Pagano, 19 years old, 4 handicap; "Polo is my life, and I want to continue affirming as a professional polo player. This tournament is a great arena to test myself, gain experience, and be better professional. We are grateful for being able to participate"

*A recent update to this article, Las Monjitas completed the championship ranking 3rd amongst an extremely competitive set of challengers. Congratulations to them and their fierce competitive spirit. We are very proud of you and extremely happy to share this moment together. We will be with you next season!.

*Photo Master Fem 2023 3rd place podium - @asocpolo @matcallejo.

Portofino Digital Team