Portofino Capital: Sponsoring La Hache Polo Team at the Tricup 2023

September 27, 2023

Polo, often dubbed the "Sport of Kings," holds a revered position in Argentine culture. Argentina's excellence in polo attracts players and enthusiasts worldwide. The Tricup 2023, a prestigious polo tournament held in Argentina, witnessed the gathering of top teams and sponsors, among which Portofino Capital participates and collaborates every season.

The Tricup 2023 stands as a premier polo tournament known for its fierce competition, bringing together elite polo teams from Argentina and beyond. It exemplifies Argentina's rich polo tradition and promises intense matches and exceptional sporting fervor.

Portofino Capital, embraces every year the opportunity to sponsor a prominent team in the different championships that shine a spotlight on legendary sports and competition. Their sponsorship was directed towards the accomplished La Hache Polo Team, a recognized name synonymous with polo excellence. Bringing together some of the best players the sport has to offer, like Facundo Sola, previously part of Portofino´s sponsored teams.

La Hache Polo Team, known for their skill and dedication to the sport, was ready to leave a lasting impact during the tournament. Portofino Capital recognized their potential and decided to support their journey, not only as an act of corporate social responsibility but also as an acknowledgment of the team's exceptional talent.

Portofino Capital's sponsorship of La Hache Polo Team for the Tricup 2023 aligned with several crucial objectives. It aimed to strengthen the bond between the corporate world and sports, emphasizing the value of collaboration and support for athletes and teams. Additionally, the sponsorship intended to showcase Portofino Capital's commitment to promoting excellence and sportsmanship in various domains.

Furthermore, the sponsorship provided a platform for Portofino Capital to engage with a diverse audience, both locally and internationally. This engagement helped reinforce Portofino Capital's brand image and establish a stronger presence in the Argentine and international markets.

The collaboration between La Hache Polo Team and Portofino Capital was a concerted effort aimed at achieving the right relationships and the continuation of what will someday become a corporate tradition in participating actively in sports sponsoring. The group enjoys the opportunity to share the teams' achievements during their season and participate in the social gathering that brings friends together to celebrate the tradition of this amazing sport.

Portofino Capital's sponsorship of La Hache Polo Team during the Tricup 2023 exemplified a harmonious blend of corporate responsibility and sportsmanship. By investing in a team deeply ingrained in Argentine polo culture, Portofino Capital reaffirmed its commitment to fostering excellence and collaboration across diverse domains. The Tricup 2023 proved to be a stage where both showcased their dedication to success, leaving an impact on the polo community and the world of corporate partnerships.

Portofino Digital Team